Monday, March 20, 2017

Design your Glass Facade

Making and taking advantage of the developing interest for advanced digital printed glass is necessary to building up a solid printed glass preparing line. From making examples of overcoming adversity and wandering into the universe of online networking, to up close and personal gatherings with engineers and printed glass tests, glass processing organizations are improving the way they work together with regards to offering advanced artistic printed glass.

Impala Glass Industries is taking the construction industry by storm, being the only plant in East Africa with a full set up for digitally printed glass which is used in a wide range of areas, offering Optimum and fast Solutions for glass styling for both indoors and Outdoors. Computerized printing has enhanced the quality, amount and determination of symbolism on glass. The brilliance of present day computerized printing by Impala Glass Industries is significantly more enhanced In contrast with silk screened printing from the past days.

Based on the client’s desire specifications and preferences, the glass panels are printed in high resolution vivid colors with several colors printed simultaneously. Impala Glass Industries takes clients inclinations and makes its own remarkable prints on the glass. Glass Facades have become a point of interest with ceramic digital printing making it possible to print large-format pictures and graphics by dividing them up into small sections which bring your imagination to life. Facade specialists like to print different types of designs on facades which give a complete finished look. Digital printing options have enabled specialists to blend surroundings with designs imprinted on glass this way, complete building facades can be styled according to your wishes – with logos, pictures vector patterns or ornamentation. Print colors: black, white, green, blue, yellow, red, orange and colors mixed. Simply anything can be imprinted on the glass; however the outlines are advanced independently by the customers at Impala Glass Industries. Appropriate blends of outline parameters which are significant to the place are chosen. 

Fun Fact, Having Digitally Printed Glass Facades is one way to reduce Bird Collision.

Give your building a unique blend of artistic images and architecture. Visit to get more details.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Why to choose Vanceva

Colours are an essential part of life, each colour has a hidden meaning; have you wondered why doctors always wear a white coat in emergency rooms of hospital or why Mc Donald uses red in their slogan? Colours have a great value and adding proper colours in architecture and laminated glass make it more noticeable and stunning. Just imagine the glorious look and affect which would come up if we combine digitally printed glass with the bright and lasting Vanceva colours. 

Custom laminated panels

Many of the great artists today are exactly doing this; they create eye popping places by using Vanceva Laminated Glass. Many art galleries have been installed by custom laminated panels to create an imaginative look. These panels have been custom selected and given depth and shade. Even the inner and outer look of these panels gives different colour looks. It depends on the individual's preference what he chooses best for his place.

Impala Glass Industries can help you in making the choice. Impala Glass Industries, Nairobi, Kenya have a huge range of over 3000 transparent and translucent Vanceva glass colours. They can be used at many places. The coloured interlayer is laminated between 2 pieces of glass; it ranges from pale white and brown to vibrant and bright pinks and purples. To attract the eyes of artist, designers, architects and engineers, Vanceva Laminated Glass are available in transparent, translucent and opaque colour options.

Vanceva is different

Vanceva colours at Impala Glass Industries are durable and long lasting even under direct sunlight. They are different from other dyes and made up of light and heat stable pigments. So even if your Vanceva Laminated Glass is in the facade, garden, roof or balcony exposed to light it would not be damaged. The custom coloured Vanceva Laminated Glass is usually constructed by combining one to four sheets of Vanceva colour interlayer, and so is assigned with four digit numbers where each number represents the layer of foundation palette used. All the combinations are perfectly mingled up to transform the place.

To know more about Vanceva Laminated Glass contact Impala Glass Industries or log on to

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Digital printing on glass

Stepping into the rapidly growing world where everyday new ideas are created and practiced, architect and designers frustrated and bored with the limitations and cost of glass designing came up with the idea of digital printing. Welcoming the new idea with open arms they started implementing it in their work and got positive responses. Impala Glass Industries uses advanced technologies for digital printing in the industrial, commercial and household sector. The glass is made extremely durable through toughening process during which the ink is infused onto the glass to give splendid results.

The digitally printed glass by Impala Glass Industries Limited are suitable for all kinds of uses; in interiors and exteriors, architectural glass, i.e facades, furniture, cubicles, partitions, glass doors and other places. They not only transform the place but give a splendid look. Similar to the computers which have changed our lives; digital printing has improved the quality, quantity and resolution of imagery on glass. The results of modern digital printing by Impala Glass Industries are far more improved compared to the olden days.

Customized digital printing
Impressive customized designs can be digitally printed using the latest printing technology. Impala Glass Industries takes customers preferences and then creates its own unique prints on the glass. Digital printing has limitless applications with positive results. The process is simple and Impala Glass Industries does it in most expert ways giving customers the best they deserve. Many huge brands have their names digitally printed on bottles, boxes and containers, or even products can be personalized using the method.

Look at a glass piece with digital printing on it and now imagine without it, how would it appear? Or a better way would be to know that the glass is customized for person looking at it. What a glass would seem like without a label? The effect of artwork on the glass would give it a look which was formerly impossible. The colorful graphical composition printed on glass would enhance the look and add in the architectural beauty. Impala Glass Industries will further guide you in making the best choices.

Not just anything can be printed on the glass, but the designs are optimized individually by the clients at Impala Glass Industries. Proper combinations of design parameters which are relevant to the place are selected and proper checklist is prepared before starting on any work. At Impala Glass Industries you can be assured of the work quality.


Thursday, November 17, 2016

Personalised sandblasted glass designs

A pet lover would love his front door glass featuring his most loved pet may be a dog or bird, or a psychologist would try to create a brain in his clinic window glass, an architect would appreciate beautiful buildings on his glass door in the office. Choices vary but Impala Glass Industries can make everything possible, dreams and choices can be designed on glass as per customer's preferences. It is a premiere destination for all the Vanceva Laminated Glass, Sandblasting Designs on Glass and much more.

Situated in East Africa, Impala Glass Industries Limited is a glass manufacturing company which provides complete solutions for all glass needs. The experts are there to complete etching and sandblasting designs on glass resulting in a number of artistic pieces each with a unique effect. Sandblasting Designs on Glass is created for perfectionists who want it the best. The results are sharp, appealing, pleasing and perfect bringing a noticeable change on the glass.

Small change matters!

Sandblasting Designs on Glass can be made in many places like dividers, doors, windows, shower rooms, enclosures, glass walls etc. The elegant and beautiful look along with milky white seems is mesmerizing and pleasing to eyes. They change the whole outlook of the place adding grace and style. A huge variety of designs along with many different glass types to suit individual needs is available at Impala Glass Industries. Even a small design sandblasted on glass can transform the place.

Personalize your place with what you love
Every individual is unique and has his own choice and preferences. A sandblasted design of computers, laptops or other technology may suit an IT office or a lovely holiday resort design on glass would go well with any travel agency. Sandblasting Designs on Glass is a creative way to impress your clients and advertising your work. Even a housewife would like Sandblasting Designs on her kitchen window glass of vegetables and fruits. It's all about how the passion and interest inspire the glass decor.

Today many coffee shops and local cafes have incorporated famous quotes and sayings on food, love, and coffee on their glass walls and mirrors. Most of them are too cheeky to read but fun. Even a few bakeries have Sandblasting Designs of cookies, cakes, and biscuits on their glass doors just to capture attention and stop customers to read it and then enter in.

Even kids playgroups and Montessori's have designs of Disney and Marvel characters along with nursery rhymes to create a feel of imaginations coming to reality. Like Spider man swinging on the walls, or snow white sitting with her 7 dwarfs or simply a beautiful garden design with lots of butterflies and flowers. It would be splendid and results would astonish you. There are numerous ideas, visit Impala Glass Industries to know more!

Monday, October 17, 2016

Double Glazed Windows For Comfort

Want to enjoy a quieter and more peaceful home or office? Energy costs are forever increasing am sure you would like to reduce that too!! The answer is Impala Double Glazed Units also known as Insulated Units.

Double Glazing? Why Double Glazing? What are the Benefits of Double Glazing? What is Double Glazing?
Double Glazing is the combination of airspace and multiple glass panels which creates an additional barrier that decreases the air-to-air temperature transfer, while reducing direct and radiant temperature transfer from outside or inside the building. The panes of glass in IGUs/DGUs are separated by a spacer and a still layer of air or gas. The typical space between panes ranges from 6 mm to 20 mm. A minimum space of 12 mm is recommended for optimum thermal performance. A wide range of different glass types, such as low-e, solar control glasses in toughened, laminated or digitally printedcan be used in double glazing units to further increase energy efficiency and noise control, and design. Low-E Glass will further reduce the amount of heat escaping. The glass is then fitted into window frames, which is made wider to accommodate the two panes.

Noise pollution is a common problem in many parts of the word especially if you live or work in a busy urban area or near the airport, train station or any factory area. It is really irritating and nuisance when due to outside noise you cannot communicate, work, watch your favorite television shows or even sleep. Double glazing your windows can dramatically cut any noise pollution that you might suffer from offering an ACOUSTIC SOLUTION.

Impala Double Glazed Units are an ideal energy efficient choice. The sealed air gap between the two panes acts as an added layer of insulation. This added thermal resistance reduces the amount of heat escaping in winter and keeps your home at a more comfortable temperature. Impala Double glazing has the reverse effect in summer, preventing unwanted heat from coming into the home. This extra insulation lessens your reliance on artificial heaters and air conditioners and can ultimately reduce your energy costs. It would be great saving on the bills! When you are close to a window, your comfort is also affected by the temperature of the glass. With double glazing it’s harder for the unwanted outside temperature to transfer through, leaving the inside pane close to room temperature. Double glazing also reduces condensation which can result in the unhealthy formation of mould.

Important point to note during installation is windows need to be considered as a whole unit. The framing material you choose to complement your glass may enhance its performance or in some cases reduce its energy efficient properties. Standard aluminium window frames readily conduct heat and cold and if not thermally enhanced, may eliminate any benefit from installing expensive double glazing. How well the cavity is sealed and the type of spacer used is also an important factor to consider. If the double glazed unit is not sealed properly or if the spacer does not contain adequate desiccant, it can reduce performance and condensation will appear on cold surfaces.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Safety comes first

Total Security Solutions offered by Impala Glass Industries, be it in an office, banks, home, embassies it is a point of interest to most .To maintain safety in offices and buildings bullet resistant glasses are required which safety for people around .Understanding protection levels is vital to establishing specifications for your bullet resistant barrier project.

Each level is tested and rated for effectiveness at stopping specific types of projectiles. The quality glass products of Impala Industries are acquired by most banks and embassies with demand increasing for the use of bullet resistant at home .Looking for a residential solution Impala Glass is here to advise you on the right product the best quality glass products of Kenya, Impala Glass Industries is the right choice for your home.

Bullet resistant glass depends on the thickness of the glasses which range from 26mm-70mm. The
thickness of the glass should withstand the diffusion of different types of bullets. The thickness depends on the requirement of our customers. Bullet resistant glasses can be used in shopping centers, schools, embassies, banks, stores, residential buildings, offices etc.

As we have gained trust in this business we never disappoint our customers. All our bullet resistant
products are tested rated and verified by the Kenya Police . You can locate us on our website We are also available on social networking sites such as twitter, facebook
,Linkedin and Instagram.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Structural glass for today's architecture

Glass serves many uses in modern architecture, easy to set up, stainless steel structural glass
hardware offers the perfect solution for contemporary architecture. Glass structures are often

The trend in recent years has been to design glass facades with higher energy efficiency and
conservation, facades with low maintenance and greater emphasis on the comfort of the
inhabitants of their buildings overtime this has been achieved by the incorporation of
performance glass coatings or laminated glass, these glass products can be easily incorporated
Impala Structural point support.

Huge projects including shopping malls, sport arenas, commercial buildings, banks, showrooms
have opted Structural Glass Fittings for their architectural structures choosing from the huge

Structural Glass Fittings creates a link between the inside and outside world. Especially in
working office environment this has proved to be successful as employees can stay alert, fresh
and connected with the outside world while concentrating on their work. It creates a clear and
bright view without compromising on safety. Impala Glass Industries are the glass processors
in Kenya. They stock all types of Structural Glass Accessories. These structures let natural
lighting to come in giving the place an illusion of space and depth which would otherwise feel

The glass processing at Impala Glass Industries is technologically advanced, the demand for
the larger glazed surfaces is increasing and glass assemblies serve the role of load bearing
systems. These high tech architectural designs have brought a new revolutionized modern
concept in the field of architecture. Huge Structural Glass systems incorporate elements
including metals, plastic and similar fittings.

Structural Glass systems manufactured at Impala Glass Industries assures tough mechanical
properties, they have high comprehensive strength, long term stability, resistance to harsh
environment and weather conditions and a good stiffness to weigh ratio. They are reliable and
can be installed at all places. Regardless of whatever architectural structure is being made, large,
skyscrapers, or huge walls at the airport terminals or simple canopies at the bus, underground or
metro stations Structural Glass by Impala Glass Industries is the best choice.