Friday, December 5, 2014

The vibrant world of Vanceva Coloured glass at Impala

Today’s architecture is no longer restricted to just form and structure. Aesthetics have an important role to play because clients demand a beautiful ambience because it engineers productivity and positive energy. This is the reason why architects and designers have embraced the Vanceva® color studio with a spectacular range of over 3,000 transparent or translucent glass colors all available at Impala Glass Industries, Nairobi, Kenya.

The Vanceva coloured laminated glass system offers a foundational palette of 13 basic colors which you can play with to combine up to 4 layers to produce custom colored glass according to your individual needs and preferences.

Rejecting the dyes that are commonly found in most ink-based colorant systems, Impala Glass Industries lives up to its commitment of providing excellence to its clients by choosing the Vanceva range as the Vanceva inter layer colorants are made up of highly resilient pigments. The Vanceva colours will remain as good as new even with the passage of time and exposure to harsh sunlight.

Impala Glass Industries, Nairobi, Kenya also offers a frosted look of glass for design or privacy reasons by adding one of the white inter layers to the color mix to create a Vanceva translucent color.

The Vanceva coloured laminated glass type looks stunning and vibrant and continues to provide durability, high-performance and multi-functional benefits. This is the reason why it is popularly used to make partitions, doors, windows, skylights, furniture, balustrades, retail shelving, flooring as well as doors, windows, curtain walls, wall coverings and overhead glazing.

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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Use of Tempered Glass in Kenya

Tempered glass is one kind of safety glass which is everywhere around you. In Kenya too, may it be in car windshields, buildings, monitor screens, sliding and glass doors, escalators, phone booths to solar panels-tempered glass is opted for due to its durability and safety features.

Manufactured at the state-of-the-art Impala Glass Industries, Kenya, tempered glass is passed from a thermal process that makes it heat resistant and makes it more durable.

Here are the top three uses of tempered glass in Nairobi:

1. Automobiles:
The most popular use of Impala Glass Industries’ tempered glass is in automobile windshields due to its feature of breaking into small, non-lethal pieces upon impact. The use of this safety glass has reduced the number of fatalities in car accidents caused by broken glass shards.

2. Architecture:

The construction of a building or home is governed by many laws and regulations dictating what kind of glass can be used. Local laws in Nairobi, Kenya prohibit the use of standard glass and architects and contractors use Impala’s tempered glass for safety, durability and practicality. This tempered glass is used in making glass doors, windows on the fa├žade of the house, walls, cubicles and furniture.

3. Commercially:

Especially in an urban centre like Nairobi, Kenya, tempered glass is used to make phone booths, glass bus stops, escalators, stairways and solar panels. There is hardly anything which cannot be fashioned out of this kind of glass. To view our complete range of glass products log onto

Friday, November 28, 2014

Impala’s Curved Laminated Glass for the Kenyan Urban Landscape

An aesthetic partner for architects in developed metropolises like Nairobi, Kenya is the curved laminated architectural glass which is fashioned by two or more layers of bent glass combined with polyvinyl butyral (pvb) or urethane interlayers in an autoclave system for material bonding.An advanced cold-cure resin is used to form a resilient interlayer that bonds like pieces of bent annealed, heat-strengthened, or tempered glass as plies in a cohesive assembly.

Manufactured by Impala Glass Industries, Nairobi, Kenya, this beautiful addition to our range of glass products is safe as it does not shatter into pieces,provides sound transmission control, blocks 99% of the sun’s ultra violet rays and is effective as a protective shield in extreme weather conditions as well as in times of attack. Impala Glass Industries also customizes a combination for an insulated unit to increase thermal energy and solar performance. We also manufacture curved tempered laminated glass for structural glazing applications.

At Impala Glass, bullet resistant glass is available in curved laminated version which is the reason why it is preferred for building corporate high-rises, offices and malls.

This type of glass is ideally recommended by architects and engineers for the exterior of buildings as well as for railing systems, elevator and revolving door enclosures, skylight and overhead glazing and reception counters.

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Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Protection of Bullet Proof Glass

Government buildings, embassies, VIP residences as well as armored cars in Kenya use bulletproof glass manufactured at Impala Glass Industries, Kenya. This kind of glass is made from several layers of glass of various thickness and bonded together with tough polyvinyl butyral (PVB) interlayers.

Also known as ballistic glass, transparent armor, or bullet-resistant glass, it has the appearance and clarity of standard glass. However, it is fashioned from tough optically transparent material that is particularly resistant to being penetrated when struck. The weight of the bullet resistant glass is lesser than that of laminated glass yet its level of protection is enhanced. The thickness of bullet-resistant glass can range from between 7 millimeters and 75 millimeters and the ability of the polycarbonate layer to stop projectiles is directly proportional to its thickness.

On attack the front layers of glass bear the brunt of the force and absorb the initial impact energy and shatter. However, subsequent glass layers and the layered polycarbonate-glass material absorb the lower level shock waves and stops the bullet before it exits the final layer.

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Impala’s Toughened Glass-For A Life which is Safer

Being in the glass industry for the last 80 years has made us want to tell the world about the most important feature of glass being its safety. Glass, which is susceptible to break easily, becomes safe when it is treated to make it less likely to break, or be less injurious if broken.

Impala Glass Industries, Kenya, manufactures two kinds of safety glass which include toughened glass and laminated glass.

Manufacturing Toughened Glass:

Toughened Glass, also referred to as tempered glass, is thermally or chemically treated to increase its tensile strength compared to ordinary glass. At Impala Glass, normal glass is heated beyond its annealing point of 600°C (1112°F) to remove any stresses from the glass that it underwent when it was being manufactured. Once heated, the glass is rapidly and artificially cooled. This serves to solidify the outside while leaving the interior molten.

Layers are created instead of a solid sheet of glass. The temperature at which the glass is heated beyond the annealing point determines the strength of the resulting product. The strength of toughened glass is twice to six times as much as normal glass.

Uses of Toughened Glass:

Toughened glass is used in automobile windscreens, tables, display cases, as a component of bullet-proof glass, and various types of cookware. Toughened glass is also incorporated by interior designers and architects in interior doors, side panels and shower doors. This is because these require thermal resistance, strength, and safety which is provided by toughened glass.

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Why are Laminated Glass Doors safer?

Glass doors are iconic in lending a classy and sophisticated air to your home or office. Yet, one of the main reasons they are preferred by architects and interior designers alike is their unbeatable quality of safety.

Doors are that part of an interior which are subjected to the most touch and impact. May it be swing doors leading to offices and rooms or glass sliding doors in commercial centers to glass shower doors in homes—the need is aluminum framed glass doors with extraordinary resilience like the ones manufactured at the state-of-the-art Impala Glass Industries. These laminated glass doors are ideal for office partitions.

Ordinary glass is brittle and upon impact can break into long shards. This fallen, scattered glass can cause serious and fatal injuries. The purpose of using laminated safety glass in doors is to keep the glass fragments bonded to the laminated film upon impact. The inter layers absorb the energy of the impact, resisting penetration. Building codes around the world have endorsed the use of laminated glass in doors and windows because of their safety.

The safety feature of laminated glass manufactured at Impala Glass Industries, Kenya is the reason why laminated glass is used in automobile windows and windshields. For all your architectural glass needs, visit our website and view our range of laminated glass shower doors, swing doors and sliding doors.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Adding to the Beauty of Kenya’s Interiors with Sand Blasted Glass

The rich texture of sand blasted glass gives you more than classic aesthetics. The sand blasting technique is used to obscure visibility through glass, but the glass continues to transmit light as it is diffused through the surface. Hence, it protects the privacy of people in a workplace or home without taking away openness and reflectiveness which are the best features of the medium of glass.

At Impala Glass Industries, Kenya, this process of blasting the surface of glass with grit using high-velocity steam or air, gives it a lovely, textured, milky white appearance. The depth and degree of the translucency of the sand-blasted finishing can be varied with the force and type of sand used. Only the areas that are to remain transparent are masked for protection—this may be in the form of fonts, designs or patterns.

Sand carving carried out by blasting away the glass for longer periods to get layers of depth gives a surreal three-dimensional affect. The other option is using a computer aided cutter.

The sand blasted glass manufactured by Impala Glass Industries in Kenya, East Africa, is popularly used by architects and interior designers as divider walls and partitions, windows, doors and shower surrounds.

Sand blasted glass door and walls are preferred in commercial surroundings as it is an extremely attractive and practical solution to reduce the appearance of fingerprints or smudges on glass which is frequently touched.

Add the elegance of sand blasted glass panels to your front door or that frosted look to your shower cubicle. Use it as your kitchen-dining area separator or hand basin backdrop! Enhance the aesthetics of the interior in your office or hotel lobbies or to give a practical yet elegant solution to your home—superior quality sand blasted glass manufactured by Impala Glass Industries is your answer! Visit us at to view our complete range of glass manufacturing services.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

East Africa through Impala Automotive Glass

Superior quality automotive glass comes with qualities of comfort, safety and security, along with paying heed to an area’s climatic conditions. Impala Glass Industries leads East Africa in manufacturing a range of high quality, competitively priced automobile glass. Being a local company it understands the vehicle and terrain needs of the East African region.

The Clarity of Anti-Reflective Automotive Glass:
Impala Automotive glass Kenya

Leading the list of features essential for good quality automotive glass is the clarity it offers to the driver's field of vision. This is influenced by the light the windscreen allows into the cabin. Anti-reflective glass used in Impala’s automotive glass is treated with a special coating which reduces reflections by up to 40% at a reflective angle of 60 degrees, and also helps reduce glare.

In case of rain, Hydrophobic glass which comes with a polymeric layer that repels water, causes rain or other water to run off the glass without leaving droplets.

The Safety of Laminated Automotive glass:

Impala Glass Industries produces laminated glass made by two glass sheets with a thin but tough plastic layer in between. The layers are bonded to each other under controlled heat and pressure. In case the glass suffers an impact, the glass layers may fragment but the plastic inter layer holds.

This safety feature enables the vehicle to absorb some of the energy of the impact. It helps to prevent the ejection of the driver and passengers and the penetration of objects in case of an accident. On impact the resulting glass fragments remain attached to the plastic inter layer, attempting to prevent sharp projectiles during an accident. The windows made of laminated glass stay in their frame letting the side airbags do their job, providing the necessary support during inflation.

The Security of Automotive Glass:

Laminated glass is very difficult to break into--it takes 10 times as long to penetrate a car window made of laminated glass than one made of toughened glass.

The UV (ultraviolet) filter glass protects the skin, eyes and the car's interior from 95% of harmful UV rays from entering the vehicle.

The Comfort of Impala Automotive Glass:

Impala automotive glass functions to protect the car and its passengers from the East African heat as well as noise. Solar control glazing reduces the interior’s temperature and reduces heat penetration in vehicles exposed to solar radiation by over 25%. Acoustic glazing inter layers act as a noise-dampening core, weakening the sound as it travels through the glass

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Freestanding glass partitions

Dividing office spaces into separate partitions while still maintaining an open plan feel is now possible with Impala Glass Industries, glass partitions are the modern trend today in all industrial and commercial places. They are designed to suit in modern designs and are within peoples budgets and spending. Colleagues can sit in one room but still have private cabins with glass partitions in between which retains privacy and also maintains interaction between them.

Impala glass has been designed with different designs, trims and cuts. They can fit in the architecture of different buildings and offices and look distinct due to their prestigious look. Impala glass has framed and frameless partitions with a range of designs and sizes based on customer specifications.

 Decorating a new home or renovating the existing one freestanding glass partitions have to be kept in mind to enhance the look of the place and give it an elegant touch. One of the added advantage of using a freestanding glass partition is that any large room can be divided into two creating a privacy corner. Or even a small corner at home can be created to do business. An area which is quieter, peaceful and private.

 Often when big families live together under one roof, elders are concerned about small children messing their stuff in the whole place, freestanding glass partitions can make a separate play area for kids in one room. Children play and enjoy within their glass boundaries, which reduces the noise inside the house and the children are protected as elders can keep a look on them through the transparent glass partitions.

 Even people use frosted glass partitions in their bedrooms where privacy is needed near the door so that anyone entering the room is being noticed. Glass partitions have a number of uses, huge kitchen can be divided into kitchen and dining room, where after cooking a delicious meal people can sit, relax and enjoy it in another separated area. Like this any room can be divided and made use of. It is a great way to utilize space along with adding privacy and decorative touch to the area.

Huge buildings, houses or even factories are now build of glass, Impala glass has made its name through the industry and provided huge factories and projects with high quality strong glass. It has a variety of options available to choose from.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Automotive Safety and Security

Summer vacations are the best times for the kids to enjoy their holidays; their schools are closed and they have time to go to beaches, parks and other places without the anxiety of going early to bed at night and waking up early in the morning. It is the time to chill and have fun. People often travel to faraway places in vacations; they drive through highways along with friends and families and utilize their time. But when driving on highways or far away distances one has to be careful of its car condition as traveling long distances needs perfect car. Often in summer's rainfall strikes which can disturb the driver hence its automotive parts should not be damaged. Impala glass industries create tough and high quality glass for automotive which can withstand strong air and wind pressures.

Windshield is an important part of automation, it plays major roles like keeping strong hot and cold wind away from people's faces and even the creepy crawlies and airborne road debris away from people, and without it a driver cannot drive his car. Impala glass industries creates strong windshields which can withstand different temperatures, they usually make the windshield glass with the combination of 2 glass shields to give it more strength and quality. The windshield is designed keeping in mind all types of roads from bumpy ones to smoother ones and from highways to small streets, Impala glass windscreen is for all automotive. So the families who want to enjoy their summer vacations' can choose Impala glass windscreen and go for outings to faraway places without any windscreen problems.

Every automobile has Sidelites; they are side glasses which are made of strong glass so that no matter whatever is the speed of the automobile and irrespective of the temperature or heavy rainfall the sidelites are not damaged. Impala glass industries has been creating glass sitelites for automobiles with the main focus towards its toughness as they are one important feature which has to be considered in automobile safety and security. Even one small crack in the sidelite can be immense when the automobile is in speed or is struck with extreme weather conditions. When going on summer vacations the driver has to ensure that the automobile he will drive has proper glass windshield and sidelites, finest quality glass for automobiles are available at Impala glass industries, who guarantee their toughness and longer life.

As people like fashionable and trendy things nowadays Impala glass industries has ceramic painted automobile windscreen which are available according to the persons choice and can match the taste and the color of the car. This is an innovative trend in the market and can be done by Impala glass industries, so now dress up your car as you want and use ceramic painted automobile windscreen to give it an elite look. It is always wise to do some research before purchasing valuable products like glass windshields, sidelites and ceramic painted automobile windscreens, Impala glass industries have one of the best qualities which would be with you in all adventurous and tough journeys travelled in the automobiles ahead. Choose the best, choose Impala glass.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

How to make a dream home?

Our home is the most comfortable place in the whole world, where we can go and relax after spending the busy day out. Our homes give a feeling of warmth and friendliness and it is something of our own. Something which is the most important part of us has to be designed and decorated properly; Impala glass industries does it with their classic glass interiors, exteriors, furniture's, decors and much more. A nice example of a good home can be one which is build with concrete blocks in contrast with the sharp frameless structural glass windows with different alignments at different levels. Or another good home can be one which has the combination of concrete bricks along with glass interiors, exteriors or partitions with warmer oak features, like the bespoke staircase, internally. Everyone would dream of such houses, Impala glass can make this dream come true.

Impala glass has been working with great architects to come up with great glass designs and glass interiors and exteriors. Their state of art factory manufactures great glass products including glass sliding doors, glass cubicles, glass partitions, glass architecture and complete glass materials. Glass doors and glass cubicles look fascinated, glass itself has a beauty and when used in combination with other materials like concrete or aluminum it looks even more splendid. Impala glass adds more beauty to it with its innovative designs and modern ideas.

Nowadays interior courtyard is a modern concept, many homes have it. The interior courtyard is made in an outside space within the home, a place which is comfortable, quiet and an addition of internal space in the enclosed area. The interior courtyard is usually made classy with glass interiors on all or few sides. It is considered a relaxing place therefore glass is used to give it a warm and elegant look. Impala glass industries creates glass for such relaxing areas in a exotic way to suit customers specifications and needs.

According to the modern architecture these interior courtyards are mainly enclosed with glassas glass allows the natural light to enter into the adjoining rooms' what brick walls cannot do glass can. The glass used can be glazed or laminated or sand blasted or with some other interior depending on the clients choice. People prefer sliding glass doors in many cases especially when the place is compact as they require less space and slide into one another when the door opens. When the sliding doors of the interior courtyard are open the interior courtyard becomes part of the inside home. This can be useful in many situations and it's an extension to the living area. Impala glass industries provide glass to these places to beautify it. It has created impressive projects for its client with eye catching glass architecture and glass interiors and exteriors.

Home is important for everyone and Impala glass industries make it a beautiful place to live in. When the brick walls are replaced with glass ones the whole look of the home changes and it looks more classy and stylish. Glass doors or cubicles inserted between concrete walls is elegant and whole architecture of exterior and interior look changes. To fulfill the dreams start with innovative thinking and get the home furnished using glass interiors and exteriors with Impala glass industries.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Glass Architecture

When someone squints into the astonishing architectural design of a house or a beach resort made by Impala glass industries it would be easy to believe that the stunning luxury designs only shown in fantasy movies do exist. Different exteriors and interiors have been designed using various types of glasses fit for the place; a few tucked at the edge of the lawn and few facing the backyard or at the entrance, giving it an exotic look. A few architectures have monolithic wood blocks with glass fitted in between to give it a classy and modern look with carved interiors and exteriors. In addition to this glass doors, glass walls and glass furniture's add elegance to the place. Impala glass industries have great ideas for architecture designs of commercial, industrial as well as residential plot.

Glass is extensively used in architecture, Impala glass industries creatively uses glass in designing interiors and exteriors of office blocks and adds double glazing glass to the elevations. Various elevations can use toughened, laminated, sandblasted, silk screened or other types of glass otherwise clear, tinted and reflective glasses also give a classic look to the interior and exterior of the place. The architects at Impala glass design buildings in innovative ways with eye catching looks. Few well known sky scrapers have been constructed with glass architectures like the Torre Caja in Madrid, Spain, which is the 4th tallest in European Union constructed beautifully with glass. The architecture of the building was well planned with tall arches and glazed glass was used for the exteriors of the building.

Another famous example of contemporary glass architecture is SGG Parsol at Swiss Re, London. It is a very tall building visible from far away, the building is a cigar shaped made with glass and steel design. The architecture of the building is unique and impressive and visitors have admired the glass interiors and exteriors of it. The glass elevations are diamond shaped and the architecture have been designed in the way that energy saving methods are used to minimize the energy utilization and preserve more of it. Glass can do wonders; it can give outstanding exterior and interior look to the place and also help in saving energy.

Impala glass industries has constructed many stunning architectures for various buildings, architects from around the globe are working hard to make the world look beautiful by constructing astonishing sky scrapers and innovatively designed building . Glass interiors and exteriors are used widely in various buildings and residential plots; adding glass doors and panels with the wooden frames gives an exotic look to the place. Various framed and frameless glasses are available at Impala glass industries to fit customers taste and needs. The glass is constructed depending on the specifications given by the customers and there is a huge collection to choose from.

Along with the exteriors and interiors designed with glass, people also admire glass signs with name of the company or the initials and logo put up near the front gate. The name looks bold and shines brightly bringing the people attention on it. Glass is used in many things these days; from wine glass, vase and furniture to huge skyscrapers all use glass in their manufacturing. Impala glass industries design all glass products with expertise and perfection.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Glass Cubicles are Aesthetic ways to create Workplace Partitions

The glass cubicles are excellent partitions giving an aesthetic look in different workplaces, clubs, and hotels, commercial and residential settings. Impala glass has great glass cubicles available from clear to sand blasted to engraved styled ones. Impala glass has achieved excellence in providing high quality, well designed and durable glass material to its customers in the run. Latest trends have been changing in the office settings, today offices prefer open or glass cabins, even conference room and executive offices have glass cubicles which allow the exterior look of the place and create a healthier environment. Impala glass manufactures glass cubicles according to their client's size and specifications.

Employees have their own views, glass cubicles have minimized people's privacies, employers can now no longer use office cabins for their personal relaxations or a place to yell in frustration or throw files in anger but they have to behave as others are watching at all times. Before employees used to sit in their closed personalized cabins and along with their work used it for many other purposes like taking a nap or socializing or doing some personal chore.

Glass cubicles have made innovations in working styles of employees; conference or meeting in glass cubicles means always staying attentive and acting as if on the stage where the boss is looking at all times. And if something goes wrong means trouble is upcoming. For higher level and sensitive conferences where privacy is needed Impala glass adds frosting to the glass which makes the view unclear and private issues can be discussed in the glass cubicles. Glass cubicles are connected from wall to wall giving a superior, exotic and an elegant look to the place.

Impala glass cubicles are demountable and they offer limitless possibilities. The cubicles are customized in the client's choice based on his requirements which makes the place look beautiful, stimulating the workplace environment and giving the employees fresh and healthier surroundings. The doors of the glass cubicles are of variety of designs from sliding glass, glass or solid transom, swinging glass, wood or aluminum, and self-closing barn doors in a variety of finishes all adding great looks to the office, or other places where put up. The glass cubicles at Impala glass are budget friendly, eye catching and easy to maintain. They are designed to meet and fulfill the challenges of the business world today.

Mostly all offices, clubs, hotels, commercial and residential settings have adapted the latest trends in the designs; closed rooms and cabins have been replaced with open areas or glass cubicles and people have accepted it. The trend has many benefits like it aids in maintaining the visual communication with co-workers and there is a group collaboration setting where someone is around to help if something gets wrong. Glass cubicles also create a sound barrier which helps in increasing the productivity at work place as people can quietly think and do their work with others around but everyone concentrating on their own work; noise distraction is minimized. If privacy is needed at work the glass cubicle can be frosted, or opaque ones can be used to discuss work place private and sensitive professional matters.

Glass cubicles also give a chance to managers and higher level executives to keep an eye on their juniors and look at how they are working. Along with giving the place an elegant and a stylish look glass cubicles are the most modern trend prevailing in different facilities. Impala glass manufactures premium quality glass cubicles, interiors, exteriors and much more; to know more about them log on at

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Contemporary Glass Applications

The modern designs of our homes and offices today usually provide sophistication and beautification by using glass partitions and double glazed glasses in between cabins, rooms, washrooms, cupboards etc. Glass adds style, gives a great look to the place, allows sunlight to pass and has many other applications. Today architects and designers have brilliantly designed whole buildings, complexes and homes with strong and tough glass. Impala Glass Industry is the great manufacturer of glasses; it produces best quality tough glass ranges used for multiple purposes and decors. Impala Glass is the name for style, quality, strength and commitment. Offices today have glass walls and partitions which allows light to pass through and employees can feel the space and light airy environment.

There were times when people in offices used to sit in closed cabins and do their work but now days apart from the CEO or few higher posts all the employees have open cabins to sit and work. This system is quite effective as people don't get packed up in one room but have the feeling that others are around them which increases their productivity, efficiency and commitment with their work. Impala glass has beautiful glass partition collection for offices; both framed and frameless partitions are available which divide the cabin or the area in portions which can then be assigned to different people. All theses glass partitions, both framed and frameless are available in different sizes and strengths. In addition glass partitions are given joints in between which increase their toughness and makes them stronger.

Glass has many types people choose it according to their need; glass also provides thermal insulation, heat reflection and noise reduction. If privacy has to be kept at a place clear glass cannot be used and then people go for double glazed glass interiors. Double glazed glass interior are manufactured by fusing together two glass panels which are either laminated or toughened depending on the situation. A conference room or the cabin of the SEO or General Manager can use double glazed glass interior to maintain privacy and secrecy of office documents and upcoming task and projects. This would prevent the leaking up of details and important points related to the company's ongoing projects. Impala Glass Industry has beautifully manufactured many beautiful double glazed glass interiors for offices and homes. They are useful as well as give a fine, attractive and stylish look to the area.

People want their restrooms and bathrooms to be cool and stylish, with attractive tiles and glass partitions, both office and home bathrooms are designed with elegance and finest interiors. The bathing areas are often divided by double glazed glass interiors from the rest of the area and glass partitions are used for dividing areas as they are safe, affordable and add sophistication to the place. The cabinets which are wall mounted or the corner units are also made of glass of different designs. This all adds glamour to the interior of the restrooms and bathrooms.

To get your finest glass partitions, double glazed interiors or glass furniture's contact Impala Glass Industries or go on and look through their finest range of varieties.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Glass Furniture Creating a Lasting Impression in the eyes of viewers

Few of us would have availed the chance of visiting the great glass house museum. It is a whole museum made out of glass and is a prove that glass can be much durable and adds an elegance to the place. Glass has a hidden beauty in it, glass furniture can be like a red lipstick of interior design, the most glamorous, appealing and catchy element. Impala glass industries has been a glass processor, it has elegant and stylish glass furniture to add glamour to the place. The tables, fish tanks, trolleys, stands, show cases, racks and much more are designed beautifully with the glass perfect for homes and offices. Impala glass is of great quality and strength and has a very long life.

Glass furniture has a the potential to create a mood, it is believed that glass with a unblemished surface has a crisp and modern sensibility while antique mirrors create a scene of mystery in the room and it seems that there is suspicion around. Glass fish tanks, glass trolleys, glass stands, glass show cases, glass racks etc add texture to the room where it is kept. Interior designers have been using glass furniture's in many of their project, whether designing the interior of an office or choosing the glass furniture for the dining room Impala Industries is the best choice.

The beauty of glass interiors and glass furniture of  Impala Industries creates a lasting impression in the eyes of the viewer; it looks classy as well as modern at the same time. Impala Industry is working day and night to provide its customers the best glass available, glasses are all well planned by the experts and beautifully designed to suit needs. The customers are invited to look at the range of glass interiors available, for those who like elaborate furniture there is a huge range of patterned glass while the trendy furniture lovers have a different range of glasses to choose from. Few of the glasses have geometrical pattern design on them, while others are dotted, spiral, floral, cubical and much more. All these are fit for furniture's and give a modern look to them.

Impala glass furniture is for people who love subtle elegance, the glass used in furniture is of multiple textures, its translucency and satin like texture adds unparallel sophistication to furniture. Along with the racks, table tops, stands, stools there are many other things made of glass like cabinets, wardrobes, shelves, counter tops etc, Impala glass is of good quality and strength and is fit for the use in furniture. Coloured glass is also available with different textures and patterns which increase the aesthetics of furniture. The Impala glass is durable, scratch resistant and able to create an impression which can last longer. To get your glass furniture contact Impala glass industries and order!!