Friday, December 5, 2014

The vibrant world of Vanceva Coloured glass at Impala

Today’s architecture is no longer restricted to just form and structure. Aesthetics have an important role to play because clients demand a beautiful ambience because it engineers productivity and positive energy. This is the reason why architects and designers have embraced the Vanceva® color studio with a spectacular range of over 3,000 transparent or translucent glass colors all available at Impala Glass Industries, Nairobi, Kenya.

The Vanceva coloured laminated glass system offers a foundational palette of 13 basic colors which you can play with to combine up to 4 layers to produce custom colored glass according to your individual needs and preferences.

Rejecting the dyes that are commonly found in most ink-based colorant systems, Impala Glass Industries lives up to its commitment of providing excellence to its clients by choosing the Vanceva range as the Vanceva inter layer colorants are made up of highly resilient pigments. The Vanceva colours will remain as good as new even with the passage of time and exposure to harsh sunlight.

Impala Glass Industries, Nairobi, Kenya also offers a frosted look of glass for design or privacy reasons by adding one of the white inter layers to the color mix to create a Vanceva translucent color.

The Vanceva coloured laminated glass type looks stunning and vibrant and continues to provide durability, high-performance and multi-functional benefits. This is the reason why it is popularly used to make partitions, doors, windows, skylights, furniture, balustrades, retail shelving, flooring as well as doors, windows, curtain walls, wall coverings and overhead glazing.

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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Use of Tempered Glass in Kenya

Tempered glass is one kind of safety glass which is everywhere around you. In Kenya too, may it be in car windshields, buildings, monitor screens, sliding and glass doors, escalators, phone booths to solar panels-tempered glass is opted for due to its durability and safety features.

Manufactured at the state-of-the-art Impala Glass Industries, Kenya, tempered glass is passed from a thermal process that makes it heat resistant and makes it more durable.

Here are the top three uses of tempered glass in Nairobi:

1. Automobiles:
The most popular use of Impala Glass Industries’ tempered glass is in automobile windshields due to its feature of breaking into small, non-lethal pieces upon impact. The use of this safety glass has reduced the number of fatalities in car accidents caused by broken glass shards.

2. Architecture:

The construction of a building or home is governed by many laws and regulations dictating what kind of glass can be used. Local laws in Nairobi, Kenya prohibit the use of standard glass and architects and contractors use Impala’s tempered glass for safety, durability and practicality. This tempered glass is used in making glass doors, windows on the fa├žade of the house, walls, cubicles and furniture.

3. Commercially:

Especially in an urban centre like Nairobi, Kenya, tempered glass is used to make phone booths, glass bus stops, escalators, stairways and solar panels. There is hardly anything which cannot be fashioned out of this kind of glass. To view our complete range of glass products log onto