Monday, October 26, 2015

Of Glass partitions: An exotic twist to modern Architecture designs

One of the most exotic and modern meeting rooms are designed using frameless glass partitions. Full height frameless glass walls which are strong and appealing in structure can be mounted from roof to floor along with a frameless glass doors which are very appealing to the eye. To give it a more stylish look, they can be sandblasted, etched or engraved to any patterns you want. Fabric lamination can also give a great picture for the partitions. Company logos can also be added on these glass partitions. Impala Glass can design your company board rooms and office partitions in most alluring ways.
Frameless Glass by Impala glass industries are the most demanded item all over Africa. They are a popular design element used at various places including homes, restaurants, hotels, offices and other commercial and residential places. Glass partitions are used as room dividers, shower walls, closet partitions, and other places.
They are available in various colors, patterns and styles. People have a huge range to choose from depending on their taste and room design. The Glass Partitions are not only tough and durable but also retain their structural integrity. It is versatile and can be shaped and sized according to any setting. The color of the glass can be adjusted according to customers taste and preference.  
Today if we look at modern glass partitions; they use back painted colours, frosts, different patterns and textures and different shades which add a glow to your indoor decor. They give the place a superior look and if we look at giant multinational companies or huge enterprises, Framelessglass partition are commonly found there giving a professional class to the place.
Glass partitions by Impala glass are one of the most affordable partitionsolutions. Their work is durable, reliable, safe and long lasting. The glass partitions give elegant and stylish look to the place and this even makes the environment pleasant and encouraging for the people to work in. Now modern offices have glass cubicles and glass partitions in which people can work together and there is no feeling of loneliness or boredom. Even the natural light can penetrate through glass walls and this creates a livelier atmosphere.
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Smart Glass for Smart use!

Until now we have been discussing the benefits of using Glass in doors, furniture, partitions mirrors and windows. No doubt Glass provides an illusion of space, is easy to maintain and also lowers your energy bills; however, does it provide you with privacy?

And when it does; like in the case of frosted and sandblasted Glass, it does not give you the complete package of Glass.

But did you know that advancement in technology has not only invented Smart Phones but Smart Glass as well?

Smart glass also known as Switchable Glass, is a type of glass that works on an electrical principle switching from frosted to clear when power is applied. Switchable Glass offers a next generation alternative to blinds or privacy glass making it the ideal choice for commercial or residential installations.

It is a glass whose light transmission properties are altered when voltage, light or heat is applied. Generally, the glass changes from translucent to transparent, changing from blocking some or all wavelengths of light to letting light pass through.

There are number of benefits of Smart Glass. Here are a few of them:

It is way easier to maintain Smart glass than ordinary ones as there are no worries of handling the maintenance curtains and blinds. All you have to do is wipe them to keep them away from dust and dirt.

Windows may also provide a beautiful view, but they raise the temperature in your house if you are not blocking out all the light coming through your windows. This will need you to use the Air Conditioner which will ultimately increase your electricity bills.

Now this is where switchable glass windows come in since you don’t have to cover them to block out light and to prevent heat from coming into your home. Smart glass windows are able to prevent light from coming into a home with just a flick of a switch. The less light that is getting inside your home, the lower the temperature is going to be inside your home. This means you will be running your air conditioner less and will be saving money.

Switchable glass advances privacy in the case of boardrooms and office partition. When privacy is not required, the partitions may be left clear and switched to opaque glass when in use for private meetings therefore creating an easy way to know when a room is in use or not without interrupting the goings on.

But do you know the best part of it? You can use the technology to turn your home into a theatre! Smart glass does that when it is in its privacy state, it can be used as a projection screen.

It all comes down to the quality of the Smart Glass. Impala Glass, one of the Kenya’s leading Glass Company supplies supreme quality smart glass.

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Friday, October 23, 2015

Glass and its wonders

Nothing is more mesmerizing than the beauty and shine which is reflected from the glass. A glass has the quality of enhancing the natural lightning and giving the place an illusion of space and depth. Automatic Sliding Doors, glass cubicles, glass architecture, glass interiors and exteriors and glass furniture is in great demand today.

Today architecture is quite different, and to give it a bright contemporary feel rooflites and glass balustrades are chosen. They are extremely versatile and can fix in any type of setting adding an additional touch of elegance to the architecture along with increasing natural light and providing a bright and active environment.

Impala glass is a leading glass manufacturing company; in the past few years it has seen an increase in Glass Balustrades in Nairobi/ Kenya. The company produces a wide variety of glass balustrades for various staircase structures. After being designed, they are attached with Quality glass fittings in Nairobi/ Kenya by Impala glass.

The latest trend of Rooflites in Kenya/ Nairobi is emerging and modern designs have incorporated different styles of rooflites in their designs. These rooflites create a positive feel by allowing the natural light to penetrate inside the building along with providing natural ventilation. Impala glass takes great care and uses good quality strong glass while manufacturing both Glass Balustrades and Rooflites. Both have their own benefits and have won customer preferences.

Glass balustrades

Imagine a scene when you are sitting in one of the most exotic locations of the world to enjoy the natural beauty of the place and some wooden or steel balustrade is blocking your way. Won't you wish to change it with glass balustrade and enjoy your time. Impala glass has a lot of options for you to choose from. Glass Balustrades in Nairobi/ Kenya are build with high quality glass which is extremely durable and safe.

Glass balustrades have a lot of benefits;
  • They make the staircase bright and light can easily enter inside creating an open and airy feeling. 
  • At times the glass balustrade is positioned in the way that it gives additional space and depth to the place. 
  • Glass is an extremely versatile material and can easily be incorporated with other materials to enhance the design and beauty of the balustrades. 
  • They are easy to clean and maintain.


We have been looking at many rooflites in different types of architectures and they have been preferred by many people. The bright light entering the interior of the place gives it a completely fresh, energetic and bright look. Rooflites Kenya/ Nairobi are in great demand and in the past few years Impala glass has created few of the best rooflites for both residential and commercial places.

Impala glass has laid special emphasis on using a safe and secure glass which is tough and strong. In order to increase the safety, these rooflites come with detectors which automatically slide the doors in case needed. Even concealed mechanisms are designed in commercial places to stop intruders entry in the premises. In case of rain they can be closed.

Mirrors- The Secret Weapon for Interior and Exterior Decoration

A mirror, if properly placed, can play a great role in designing the interior and exterior of a place. It is a decorator's secret weapon which if positioned correctly can attract many. A mirror is no longer just an object in which you can see your reflection in; its applications vast and are only limited to ones imagination.

It can intensify lighting from different attention-grabbing reflections, add drama to the scene and form various images. They hold the power to transform your space from dull and lifeless to bright and attractive.

Impala Glass is one of the leading glass manufacturers in East and central Africa. Their glass products have gone a long way to enhance the aesthetics of many interiors. Impala Glass has supplied glass for large architectural projects in Kenya, Congo, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania and many others.

The expertly designed Mirrors by Impala Glass have made a positive difference in the look of areas where they are installed. They are strong and durable and can be custom made depending on your needs. They have the ability to create the feel of openness and depth in any space where they are installed. Impala Glass personnel are always there to advise customers on proper placement and how to properly incorporate the mirrors into their designs.

Decorative mirrors in Kenya by Impala Glass and the decorative mirrors in Nairobi are one of a kind. Interior designers nowadays are using mirrors for decoration as they change the look of a place, a few suggestions for proper placement of mirrors in the interiors and exteriors are as follows;

Increase the brightness and light of the place

A bright room can surely change the mood of the place; it gives a feeling of liveliness. A mirror placed in the right position will multiply the amount of light given by your bulb; making the room brighter.

Roof to floor mirrors

Tall mirrors make a small room appear big. They create the illusion of depth and size and many workplaces prefer this kind of settings as they create a feeling of a space and airiness.

Apart from these benefits, Impala Glass provides decorative mirrors so that your interior looks more stylish.

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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Benefits of Quality Frameless Doors

With rapidly increasing populations the world over, there comes an increased demand for space. Buildings are shooting to higher floors and architects are painstakingly taking their time to draw building designs that make sure that each and every space is optimized.

Modern architecture and design is based on this space saving mantra; many preferring curtain walling, glass doors, balustrades and partitions because of their space saving nature. Glass takes a significantly smaller space as compared to wood and concrete. It is also more versatile in its uses and appearance. Ranging from transparent to translucent or even both as is the case with switchable glass and art glass on which logos or pictures are engraved, sandblasted or etched to create beautiful interior glass for use as partitions, doors, wall art work, balustrades or even pulpits.

People today favor Frameless doors rather than wooden doors. The doors along with providing openness also lower your energy bills as the light can easily pass through the frameless doors from one compartment or room to the other. Frameless doors offer the versatility of sliding manually or automatically thus a major space saver as no space is required around them to allow for the door to open as is the case with the conventional swing door.

A sleek clean look is also achieved giving the space airiness, brightness, elegance, style and class.

However, the features of the Frameless Glass Doors depend on the quality of the Glass that is used. Impala Glass, one of the top glass processing industries in Kenya, is renowned for their modern and quality frameless doors.

The Glass used is laminated and/ or tempered which makes them tougher than the regular glass and safe as well. From a range of swing doors to state of the art automatic sliding, sliding- folding doors and stacking doors, Impala gives you a door solution which is ideal for your particular use and space.

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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Why to Opt for Glass Furniture?

Furniture made of Glass is what modern interiors are all about. It has it all- the sleek and professional as well as the casual and sophisticated look. Be it in the office or at home, people are celebrating elegance and class with glass furniture daily all over the world.

Fashion and functionality

Compared to wooden, metal and plastic furniture, glass has distinct advantages.

The main reason Glass furniture is a major trend today is that it gives the illusion of space no matter the size of the area. Glass’ quality of transparency does the trick by making a room look airier and brighter.

Glass fittings are also easy to maintain as there is no danger of termite attacks as is the case in wooden or cane furniture. With satin and mirror finishes, more light is reflected back into the room in addition to the free flow of light through the glass furniture in the room.

Glass brings modern fashion into your space as well as lifelong functionality. Functionality in the sense that glass does not fade or chip easily as compared to wood. It also does not get rusty once it gets old or gets into contact with water like metal.

The question of fragility of glass often comes up. A question Impala Glass has countered with the use of toughened/ tempered and/or laminated glass, which increases the durability of the product while ensuring the safety of it.

Rest assured that Impala Glass furniture will give you service for years to come while ensuring that you are never out of style.

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