Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Art in Etched Glass

A man goes to any extent to smarten up his house so that he sees a sight which soothes his eyes after a long tiring day, plus he is confident while giving a tour around his house to the guests.

In the aim of making their homes appealing, people bombard their interiors with frames, showpieces, vase and furniture etc; which later gives a cluttered impression of the house and it gets difficult to maintain them.

The intelligent step to enhance the interior is to install objects which would be useful as well as do not take much space and increase aesthetics of your home along. For instance Glass used as doors, partitions, mirrors and windows etc can be etched into designs and colors.

Etching refers to the technique of creating art on the surface of glass. It has numerous benefits:
·         It comes with a number of unique designs thus it can certainly enhance the look of the entire property.
·        When it comes to maintenance, it is just minimal as you can clean etched glasses just like you clean clear glasses.
·           It will not get damaged despite being exposed to weather conditions.
·           It will not easily trap pollutants because of its closed pore characteristic.
·         When it comes to diffusing light, you can be sure that etched glass is excellent. And not only that, it will significantly decrease glare lights.
·        And most of all, you will have more privacy when you will use etched glass thus they are greatly preferred as bathroom partition, cashier area partition and in many other areas where privacy is needed.

Impala Glass is the most recommended when it comes to etching glass. Services range from etching Photo Frames, Wall Panels, Mirrors, Glass Floor and other glass products. This is backed by home and office projects, as well as Churches.

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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

How to give a fresh, lustrous and active look to your interiors

Recently I visited one of my friend's place who had not only renovated her old home but also made it look bigger, more elegant and beautiful. She herself being a designer used her skills to create a difference. There is no place like home, it is a person's best hello and worst goodbye; therefore it needs a lot of care and attention.
What really impressed me were the glass sliding doors for her living room, dining room and balcony. Skills and intelligence can do wonders if put to proper use, she showed it in her work. The whole gloomy picture of her home was changed.
Along with the beauty of glass, cleaning of glass doors is also much easier and they can be covered with drapery or blinds whenever you want. Impala Glass gives you endless options of glass doors to choose from. They are available in different frames, shapes and sizes. Doors in Nairobi Kenya by Impala glass are known for their strength, elegance and looks. Only a small change in your interiors can make world of difference at your home or workplace.
SlidingDoors Solution creates an energetic and natural environment indoor. They utilize the space properly and are ideal for small rooms; they bring in natural light and have a clean and lustrous look. You have two options:
·         Either go for Sliding Doors with no grid design or
·         The panels with featured images
The choice is completely yours.
Installing glasssliding doors will also lessen the burden on your pocket as your electricity bills will go down. Natural light will penetrate making the room bright therefore there will be no need of day lights. Few people also choose light coloured door frames which make the room look bigger and brighter. It all depends on your preference and decor.
When you are ready to add elegance and style to your interiors contact Impala Glass and view their exotic collections, they will surely guide on what is best for you.