Monday, March 9, 2015

Insulated Glass-A Must for Every Building

So must cost and energy goes into heating buildings. This is because over 25% of the natural heat escapes from windows and that is the very reason why insulated glass for windows manufactured from Impala Glass Industries, Kenya, is preferred by architects to conserve energy and the environment.

Not only has the use of insulated glass become a building code requirement but has also been deemed a mandatory energy conservation measure in developed countries.

The Specialty of Impala Insulated Glass:

When you install Impala’s insulated glass windows made of premium materials, it succeeds in saving the amount of heat energy inside a space to up to 75%. It prevents heat escaping through the windows and returning heat back into the home.

Impala Glass Industries insulated glass is built with a thermal break- two or more tiles separated by a sealed air space which is used in both residential and business construction. The effectiveness of insulated glass depends on the quality of materials used. Not only does the glass have to be of superior quality but also the type of gas used in the air gap, the type of spacing material that holds the panes apart, and the material the window frame itself is made of.

Impala glass used in insulated windows is coated with a low impassivity layer of metallic oxide that decreases the transmission of heat and ultra violet rays through the glass. The gas used in the space between the panes ranges from dehydrated air to argon and/or krypton gas depending on the cost. The spacing material includes stainless steel or composite metal/rubber combinations instead of the commonly used aluminum. Impala also recommends that wood, vinyl-clad wood, or metal with an insulating "break" between the inside and outside parts of the window be used in the frame to lessen heat transfer to the outside rather than solid metal frames.

So be it when constructing a new building, renovating an old one or simply replacing a window make sure you are being a responsible citizen and saving energy by using only the best quality insulated glass in Kenya from Impala Glass Industries.

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