Saturday, June 25, 2016

Frameless Glass doors adding style and elegance to your homes

Fashion trends and styles are changing with every new innovation, a new look comes up from
different areas in textile, architecture, furniture or interior and exterior designing. Enjoy the
best outdoor-indoor living with Impala Frameless Glass Doors. In our extensive product
range here at Impala Glass Industries you will find the right door solution for every
building, whether for installation or during its construction or for retro-fitting.

Main entrance is an integral part of our homes, offices and malls and should be designed with
a creative composition of light space and vision.  which customises all types of Frameless Glass Doors that adds
charm and contemporary look to it leaving no stone unturned in making it elegant and
luxurious attracting to the visitors eye.

Automatic sliding door systems provide extensive convenience and flexibility for effortless
access without contact with the door. Sliding door operators have individual solutions for
today’s living requirements Impala Automatic sliding doors has an integrated SoftMotion
technology that makes it an exceptionally quiet operator offering an outstanding level of
safety. Impala Glass Industries offers comprehensive portfolio of automatic sliding door
systems to cater for the widely varying demands of home, work and daily life. Most
commonly used areas are Shopping and retail malls, sports and entertainment areas.

Sliding manual doors are usually used at many places at home for bedrooms, balcony and
for glass shower screens. A sliding door can be designed for either a right hand or left hand
operation. Manual Sliding doors do not require swing room and can accommodate tight
fitted spaces. High quality single point fixings made of stainless steel that give a flexible
modularity with recommended glass thickness of 10mm-12mm Toughened Glasses. With
applications as a bathroom shower screen, patios, main entrances it adds style to your space
and stretches beyond the traditional four wall place to an oasis of relaxation.

Bi folding Glass Doors from Impala Glass Industies are a great way to save on space, up to
six panels can be added to a Bi-Fold Glass Wall for a beautiful, distinct design. Its
particularly compact in construction which makes this type of door the complete space-saver
which is also perfect for retro-fitting during conversions or renovations. Its ideal for smaller
shop fronts, convenient stores and narrow entrances or even partitions!!

Since many years Impala Glass Industries has been a leader in glass processing industry
in East Africa. The company has accepted many challenges and achieved huge milestones
accepting innovation at all time. It has fulfilled the market demands and captivated the hearts
of its customers not only in East Africa but in all COMESA regions.

Get creative with Digital printing on Frameless Glass Doors by Impala Glass Industries
makes them look simply stunning. Various designs and patterns are available in different
colours to digitally print on glass whether it is for sliding manual doors, automatic sliding
doors and bi-folding Doors. Various patterns can be mixed with interiors, exteriors and
fittings giving a touch of uniqueness.

To get your frameless glass doors for any place contact Impala Glass Industries.

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