Friday, July 1, 2016

Structural glass for today's architecture

Glass serves many uses in modern architecture, easy to set up, stainless steel structural glass
hardware offers the perfect solution for contemporary architecture. Glass structures are often

The trend in recent years has been to design glass facades with higher energy efficiency and
conservation, facades with low maintenance and greater emphasis on the comfort of the
inhabitants of their buildings overtime this has been achieved by the incorporation of
performance glass coatings or laminated glass, these glass products can be easily incorporated
Impala Structural point support.

Huge projects including shopping malls, sport arenas, commercial buildings, banks, showrooms
have opted Structural Glass Fittings for their architectural structures choosing from the huge

Structural Glass Fittings creates a link between the inside and outside world. Especially in
working office environment this has proved to be successful as employees can stay alert, fresh
and connected with the outside world while concentrating on their work. It creates a clear and
bright view without compromising on safety. Impala Glass Industries are the glass processors
in Kenya. They stock all types of Structural Glass Accessories. These structures let natural
lighting to come in giving the place an illusion of space and depth which would otherwise feel

The glass processing at Impala Glass Industries is technologically advanced, the demand for
the larger glazed surfaces is increasing and glass assemblies serve the role of load bearing
systems. These high tech architectural designs have brought a new revolutionized modern
concept in the field of architecture. Huge Structural Glass systems incorporate elements
including metals, plastic and similar fittings.

Structural Glass systems manufactured at Impala Glass Industries assures tough mechanical
properties, they have high comprehensive strength, long term stability, resistance to harsh
environment and weather conditions and a good stiffness to weigh ratio. They are reliable and
can be installed at all places. Regardless of whatever architectural structure is being made, large,
skyscrapers, or huge walls at the airport terminals or simple canopies at the bus, underground or
metro stations Structural Glass by Impala Glass Industries is the best choice.

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